Lunch Time


Please note that the reservation is conditional on the approval of the restaurant Modern team will contact you asap by email or phone.
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Aperol Schpritz/35NIS

Aarak ,lemon & mint/ 35 NIS

Campari, red grapefruitand and basil leavs/37 NIS

Gin,cucumber, Lemon& Tonic / 42 NIS

A glass of house red, ros'e or white wine/30 NIS

Draft Beer Tuborg 0.5/0.3 / 34/27 NIS


First Courses

Hot Frena bread / 20 NIS

## Green salad, lettuce, rocket, chopped pecans and citrus vinaigrette/ 42NIS

## Chopped Israeli vegetables salad with parsley and olive oil/ 35/45 NIS

## Quinoa salad, almonds, beets, and chopped greens. Vegan/With salmon /45/65NIS

Chicken salad, whit cigar leaf threads, lettuce, basil, spearmint, endives, and vinaigrette/ 62 NIS

Asado thin cigars/ 45 NIS

Salmon Sashimi and citrus , puff rice,bazil oil &chili / 58 NIS


Jerusalem tapas Platter – for Two/ 142 NIS

## Panny Puri on yellow pepper cream / 30 NIS

## Homemade hummus: With chickpeas and olive oil /30 NIS

## tomatoes: With Tahini and pickled lemon/ 25 NIS

## Fire beet with Jerusalem artichoke cream & wasabi peas /25 NIS

## Homemade stuffed vine leaves/ 25 NIS

## falafel & shifka pepper / 30 NIS

## Our chef's Masuoya salad/ 25 NIS

## Including hot frana bread


Main Courses

## Vegan mushroom atayef atop corn cream and fresh herbs / 65 NIS

## Parpadella pasta, artichok cream,zucchini, green peas, olvie oil & lemmon / 72 NIS

Taboon Oven Salmon Steak: puree potatoes and chives / 115 NIS

Fish Kebab: lima cream, pickled lemon, fresh greens. served with Frena bread/87 NIS

Hamburger 220 gr: Entrecôte hamburger, red onion, tomato, lettuce and French fries/76 NIS

Hamburger Sabih 220gr: eggplant, egg salad & tahini, Franch fries/ 76 NIS

Giant chicken schnitzel, sliced extra thin, with mashed potatoes /76 NIS

Grilled Chicken pullet: Ras -el – Hanout spices, Served with Freekeh Mujaddara / 82 NIS

Beef Sofrito, Jerusalem Artichoke and Chestnuts: Traditional Jerusalem cooking /88NIS

Apricot kebab beef kebab, tabbouleh salad and tahini/82 NIS

Kide's Meal: Mini schnitzels, lemonade, and chips/53 NIS



Lemonade/mineral water/Soda-12 NIS /Coke/ Sprite/ Zero – 14 NIS

Mineral water – large – 26 NIS* Sparkling water, Ferrarelle - large – 29 NIS

Beer: Carlsberg –27 NIS * Stella/Hoegaarden–29 NIS

Espresso- short – 10 NIS, long – 11 NIS * Soymilk Latte-, large – 16 NIS

Tea- Cérémonie – 16 NIS * Iced tea- carafe – 32 NIS



Hot Almonds Cigar: stuffed with Almond's cream, served with ice cream/42 NIS

Semolina Cake: Served with Tahini, ice cream and Halva/ 38 NIS

Dark Chocolate Souffle: Served with vanilla ice cream / 38 NIS

Sorbet: strawberry, coconut, and mango/ 42 NIS

Malabi, pistachio, coconut and rose water/38NIS



## Vegetarian