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Modern hosts groups irrespective of touring the museum.

Modern specializes in hosting groups beginning with 20 people. We host these groups at the olive trees balcony of the compound, with coordination in advance and meticulous matching of mutual expectations.


The Modern compound contains three levels: internal, the olive trees balcony and the lower balcony.

Number of guests: the internal Modern restaurant – up to 130 guests.


The olive trees balcony has two levels which may contain up to 300 guests; the upper balcony overlooks the valley of the Cross and the Knesset and is covered with a roof of glass during the winter months. 180 people at the upper level. 120 people at the lower level. The overall capacity of the restaurant, including all the Modern compound, is 350 people.


Hospitality options for groups –

groups starting from 20 people + coordinating a tour at the museum;

group menus starting from 20 people with separate hospitality at the olive trees balcony;

an early noon group after Bar Mitzva at the Kotel.

Groups not touring the museum.


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