Our Concept

The Culinary Concept

Modern is a museum restaurant. History, culture and leisure interplay at the place in a magical fashion. Beside the design, inspired by artists from the beginnings of international modernism, we are proud of the one-hundred years old Jerusalemite culinary. The unique Jerusalemite cuisine had developed from the different kitchens of multicultural immigrants, which have arrived at Jerusalem starting from the beginning of the 20th century and settled within and outside the Old City walls.

The warm flavors bring delight to the heart as they are imbued with travel stories and longing for far away countries.


The Jerusalemite culinary was based on legumes, rice, nuts, root vegetables from the little gardens and herbs, since meat was rarely served – once a week, luxurious and full of rich odors after long cooking for Shabbat.


This is the Jerusalemite food. Cooked slowly and with patience.

We gathered into the menu mythological dishes from the Agripas street together with products which grew in the "Four Cities" – palm honey from Tiberias, herbs from the Safed region, pomegranates from the orchards of Jerusalem and lemon and citrus fruits from the groves of Jaffa. We developed our old recipes and maintained the main flavors adding therein a tint of contemporary interpretation of our own. We recommend sharing, so that you'll be able to taste as many dishes as possible.


Bon Appetite!