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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

The Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mizvah event is the first event for displaying the achievements of the young family. Modern at the Israel Museum allows you to choose a perfect location and a perfect experience for the event in Jerusalem.


The combination of culture, art and hospitality in an open compound of highly original design overlooking the valley of the Cross and the Knesset – is a prevailing one. A contemporary, proficient Jerusalemite Chef cuisine leads a quality culinary conception of excellence. we are disposed to host Bar and Bat Mitzva events in different styles – an elegant dinner, a modern Israeli Bouffe, children's dishes etc. a Bar/Bat Mitzva event in Modern after the excitement at the Western Wall (the "Kotel") or a private evening event will display a unique cultural & culinary experience, which will join the rest of the excitement over that profoundly significant event.

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