Lunch Time


Business Lunch – Until 17:00

The business meal includes a cup of the soup of the day or a small greens salad and a glass of lemonade for the price of the main course.

Optional: upgrade the soup or salad to a first course for additional 25 NIS
Optional: upgrade the lemonade for: 0.3 ml beer- 18 NIS; Glass of red \ white house wine- 15 NIS; Soft drink- 9 NIS; Shot of arak-liquorice- 15 NIS


Jerusalem Tapas

Homemade Hummus with chickpeas and olive oil – 25 NIS ***

*** Grilled eggplant with onion and sumac, served on a grilled pita bread – 25 NIS

*** Lentils and green herbs tabbouleh – 20 NIS

*** Hot Egyptian green falafel – 20 NIS

*** Homemade stuffed vine leaves – 25 NIS

*** Chopped tomatoes with garlic and hot pepper – 20 NIS

*** Sliced beets in the oven – 20 NIS

*** Jerusalem Tapas Platter for Two – 110 NIS

Includes all tapas dishes and frenah bread


First Courses

*** Piping Hot Frenah Bread – 20 NIS

Jerusalem's bread, served straight from the oven

*** Soup of the day – 35 NIS

 Changes every day- ask the waiter

*** Chopped Israeli Salad – small \ large – 30 \ 45 NIS

Chopped vegetables with parsley and olive oil

Tomatoes and Anchovies from Bruegel's Market – 49 NIS

A variety of tomatoes with anchovy and asparagus, aioli and croutons

Cubes Game with Beets and Salmon – 55 NIS

Fresh salmon, beets, dill, basil, lime-aioli, ginger foam and soy beans

Amberjack Tartare, Eggplant and Tahini – 55 NIS

Fresh amberjack, onion, coriander, mango, chili and pine nuts served on chopped toasted eggplant and tahini

Hot Mediterranean Carpaccio – 55 NIS

Fresh fish, green fava beans, hot red chili, Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes seeds

and oregano leaves


Main Courses

Grilled-Miso Chicken Pullet – 82 NIS

Served with Gipsy rice and a small tomatoes salad

Beef Asado with Mustard and Pimiento – 105 NIS

Acorn squash, carrot, roots, meat gravy and reduced balsamic

Jerusalem artichoke and chestnuts Sofrito – 84 NIS

Traditional Jerusalem long-cooked meat stew with Jerusalem artichoke and chestnuts

250gr Entrecote Steak – 120 NIS

Served with thin French fries, garlic Confit, green beans and hot Dijon mustard

Pasta Dumplings Filled with Meat Stew – 72 NIS

Dumplings filled with thin rib meat, ginger and nutmeg stew, served with artichoke, tomato cubes, olive oil and lemon

Apricot Kebab – 75 NIS

Beef and apricot kebab with Ras el Hanout condiment, on lentils tabbouleh and tahini

Modern Jerusalem Mixed Grill – 84 NIS

Entrecôte slices, pullet and spleen, with Agripas condiments, served on lots of tahini, parsley and grilled pita bread

Jackson's Chicken and Nuts Kadaif – 70 NIS

Kadaif crispy threads with chicken, onions and walnuts, in a plate that Jackson Pollock would love

*** Tajine of Stuffed Onions – 65 NIS

Onions stuffed with rice, grains, black berries raisins and tomatoes, served in a tomato and fennel seeds sauce

*** Jerusalem's Mushrooms Ravioli – 65 NIS

Served with a Demitasse of mushrooms Consommé

Sea Bream Chreimeh with Challah Bread – 95 NIS

Fresh sea bream in a spicy tomato sauce with pickled lemons and crispy chickpeas

Salmon Steak in a Taboon Oven – 110 NIS

Burned sweet potatoes cream, green beans, peanut and chili sauce



*** Vegetarian