Lunch Time




Jerusalem Tapas

Aperol Schpritz / 30 NIS

Arak-grapefruit with pomegranate seeds, on the rocks / 30 NIS

A glass of white red or rosé house wine / 30 NIS


Jerusalem Tapas

Homemade hummus with chickpeas and olive oil / 27 NIS
Roasted peppers salad with lemon / 25 NIS
Hot Egyptian green falafel / 25 NIS
Eggplant Tartare
Orange lentils and herbs salad / 20 NIS
Spicy tomatoes with tahini and pickled lemon / 25 NIS
Grilled beets with hazelnut and fresh za’atar leaves / 20 NIS
Jerusalem Tapas
Jerusalem Tapas Platter for Two / 120 NIS
Includes all tapas dishes and Frenah bread


First Courses

 Piping Hot Frenah Bread Jerusalem’s bread, served straight from the oven / 20 NIS
The Spicy Dish Green, red, zhug, chickpeas and tahini / 16 NIS
Soup of the day Ask the waiter / 35 NIS
Homemade stuffed vine leaves 5 pcs / 32 NIS
Eggplant Tartare Raw tahini, coriander seeds, pistachios, date honey and hot green pepper / 42 NIS
Antipasti from Cezanne’s Garden Grilled vegetables on carrot and Dijon mustard cream / 54 NIS
Drum Fish Tatare Grilled Eggplant Hot chili pepper and tahini / 48 NIS
Jerusalem mixed grill cigarillos, tahini and tomatoes / 48 NIS



Greens Salad
Lettuce and greens, mint leaves, citric-vinaigrette dressing, crushed pecans and Kadaif threads / 42 NIS
Chopped Israeli Salad
with parsley and olive oil / small - 30 NIS, large - 45 NIS
Vegan Health Salad
Bulgur, lentils, fresh ginger, micro leaves, zucchini and almonds on peas cream / 45 NIS
Chicken Salad
Chicken breast slices on coriander-Yuzu and avocado cream, mushrooms and greens / 58 NIS
Sirloin Salad
Sirloin slices sous-vide, arugula, lettuce, hot green pepper, zucchini and lemon-mustard sauce / 64 NIS



Phyllo Dough with Spinach and Tofu Pine nuts, chard leaves with herbs and lemon salad / 67 NIS
Artichoke Cappellacci Jerusalem artichoke cream, tomatoes seeds, lemon, olive oil and sauce / 75 NIS



Salmon Steak in a Taboon Burned sweet potatoes cream, green beans, peanut and chili sauce / 115 NIS
Seabass Fillet Fresh seabass, toasted shuskeh pepper, zucchini cubes, Jerusalem artichoke cream / 118 NIS


Beef and Pistachios Knafeh Kadaif, onions, fresh ginger, pepper, pistachios and rose leaves / 82 NIS
Extra-Large Chicken Schnitzel Thin and extra-large schnitzel with white roots purée / 76 NIS
Hamburger 220 gr Entrecôte hamburger, red onion, tomato, lettuce and French fries / 76 NIS
Chicken Pullet with Couscous Salad couscous salad with herbs, fresh chili and dried fruits / 82 NIS
Apricot Kebab Apricot KebabBeef kebab with Ras-el-Hanout spices, on tabbouleh salad and tahini / 82 NIS
Jerusalem Artichoke and Chestnuts Sofrito Traditional Jerusalem slow-cooked meat stew / 84 NIS
Butcher’s Steak Grilled slices, on white roots cream and green beans / 96 NIS



Jerusalem’s Panna Cotta Halvah threads, sesame cookies shreds and toasted pistachios / 38 NIS
Musrara’s Semolina Cake Caramelized nuts and spices ice cream / 38 NIS
Hot Almonds Cigar Almonds, sugar flakes, vanilla ice cream and toffee cream / 36 NIS
Modern’s Malabi Malabi cream, pistachios ice cream, raspberry tuile and rose-water syrup / 36 NIS
Sorbet Ask the waiter about today’s flavors / 38 NIS
Dark Chocolate Souffle streusel, hot ganache and vanilla ice cream / 38 NIS



Lemonade, orange juice, mineral water, soda, Coke, Sprite, Zero / 13 NIS
Mineral water – large / 25 NIS
Sparkling water, Ferrarelle - large / 29 NIS
Draft Beer - Tuborg – 0.3ml / 25 NIS, 0.5ml / 31 NIS
Beer- Carlsberg / 25 NIS, Stella/ Hoegaarden / 27 NIS
Espresso- short / 10 NIS, long / 11 NIS
Soy Milk Latte - small / 14 NIS, large / 18 NIS
Tea - Cérémonie / 16 NIS
Iced Tea carafe / 32 NIS