On The Bar

Modern Express



*** Greens Salad – 39 NIS
Lettuce and greens, mint leaves, vinaigrette, honey and kiwi dressing with crispy tortilla

*** Chopped Israeli Salad – small \ large – 30 \ 45 NIS
Chopped vegetables with parsley and olive oil

*** Health Salad – 45 NIS 

Sprouts, julienne beats and carrot on hot lentils, fresh coriander, tahini, lemon and olive oil

Chicken Salad – 52 NIS 

Sliced grilled chicken breast, mushrooms, avocado, lettuce and basil


Hot Courses


Open Chicken Sandwich – 54 NIS

Piping hot bread, chicken breast, avocado, lettuce, aioli, mustard and French fries

Buns, Meat and herbs – 55 NIS

A pair of steamed buns stuffed with beef asado stew, green onion and fresh herbs

Extra Large and Thin Chicken Schnitzel – 66 NIS

Served with potato salad

Hamburger 220gr – 65 NIS

Entrecôte hamburger, red onion, tomato, lettuce and French fries




Jerusalem Semolina Cake – 38 NIS

Caramelized nuts and raw tahini

Almonds Cigar – 36 NIS

Cigar dough, almonds, covered with coconut and served with vanilla ice cream

Sorbet – 36 NIS

Wild berries, passion fruit and coconut

Apples and Cardamom Kadaif – 38 NIS

Served hot with vanilla ice cream

Dark Chocolate Tartlet – 38 NIS

Three mini tartlets served with hazelnut ice cream